Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Speech-Language Pathologist? 

A Speech-Language Pathologist (aka. SLP) is a regulated health professional who supports communication, swallowing, and literacy. You can find out more about our college and regulations at At Bloom, I love supporting speech production, language development, reading and writing, social skills, and child-led therapy based on mutual respect and trust.

What is nature-based speech therapy?

Here’s the thing, there isn’t a universal definition of nature-based education or therapy. After deep-diving into this topic as a clinical research supervisor with McMaster University, we discovered a wide variety of how it is defined in the literature. 

So, here’s how I currently think of nature-based therapy (it will likely change, as the field evolves)…

Nature-based speech therapy is child-led communication support that is based on direct experiences with nature. 

How will my child benefit from group nature-based speech therapy?

  • Your child will experience speech therapy in an environment that is naturally regulating for humans – being in nature. A better-regulated kid can acquire strategies quicker and use their best communication skills more easily.

  • Your child will be safer. They will have the communication tools to understand safety information and report unsafe situations to trusted adults. This includes unsafe physical and emotional situations. 

  • Your child will be able to communicate their needs, wants, ideas, opinions, stories and observations. Being able to express themselves with language reduces the need to communicate with behaviour (tantrums, I’m lookin’ at you). 

  • Your child will be able to understand you, their siblings, their peers, their teachers and other communication partners better. Understanding others’ language leads to less confusion and a sense of mental and emotional safety

  • Your child will participate in small groups of other children with support from Rebecca Wong Kai Pun, regulated SLP. They will practice their communication skills in a setting that mirrors “real-life” communication. 

  • Your child will WANT to come to group nature-based speech therapy. They will build communication skills while growing friendships, creating memories and igniting environmental interest. 

Is my child a good fit for group nature-based speech therapy?

The short answer is, maybe. This group program is designed for kids who are developing their skills in any of the following areas:

  • Vocabulary building 

  • Using correct grammar in conversation

  • Social communication and conversation skills

  • Social play

  • Clear speech  in conversation

  • Stuttering management in conversation

  • Communication confidence with peers and/or adults 

If you’re still wondering if nature-based group therapy is a good fit, book a free consult call (click connect with me” at the top of this page) to chat about the right next step for your child. If group nature-based speech therapy isn’t the right fit for your family’s needs I will happily connect you with referrals to other offerings that are.

How do I register my child for an upcoming cohort? 

Email (or click “connect with me” at the top of this page) to get on the waitlist for our next cohort. Registration information will be sent to our waitlist first before being shared on our website. 

What’s the cost of this group program?

$800 for the 8-week program (over 30% off  as compared to 1:1 therapy rates)

You’ll be required to put a credit card on file at the time of registration. A 20% deposit will be charged at registration. The 80% balance will be charged in two equal payments (week 1 and week 4 of the program).

Receipts for insurance will be provided after each group session. No receipt will be provided if your child misses a session (we can’t, it’s considered fraud). 

Will my extended health benefits cover this program?

Many health benefit plans provide coverage for Speech-Language Pathology services. You might see it called “Speech Language Therapy”, or “Speech Therapy” in your plan. Please confirm with your extended health benefits provider that they reimburse GROUP speech-language therapy prior to registering.

Do you offer one-on-one speech therapy?

At this time, I don’t offer one-on-one speech therapy to new clients. I am focusing my energy on offering group nature-based therapy sessions.

What if I have more questions?

I would love to answer them!
Don’t be shy, I’d like to help as much as I can. Please contact me and let’s set up a time.