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Frequently Asked Questions About Speech Therapy

Rebecca Wong Kai Pun - Bloom Speech Language Therapy

Think outside of the clinical box.

Hi! I’m Rebecca! A SLP based out of Burlington, Ontario. You know your child best, and I know speech, language, and literacy. Let’s combine forces and create a unique team that optimizes your child’s communication skills, using nature as our guide. 


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We might be a great fit if...

We should not work together if ...

Your family values outdoor time, getting messy, and play.

Your child is hesitant in participating in speech-language therapy due to sensitivity, trauma, neurodiversity, shyness, varied learning profiles, negative experiences with past therapeutic relationships, labelled as “defiant”/“hard to work with” or other.

Your child would benefit from a therapeutic relationship that prioritizes connection, safety, mutual respect and trust.

You want to work with a speech-language therapist who values rapport and connection over quick results.

You want to be treated as the expert you are on your own child. You are ready to contribute your unique perspective to the conversation with your child’s speech-language therapist

You would prefer to have a speech-language therapist work with your child only and not include you in the session or practicing in between sessions.

You value quick results over emotional connection and rapport building with a therapist.

You prefer skill drill, and behavioural approaches with your child.

You prefer that your therapist directs you versus actively problem solving, asking questions, and sharing your knowledge with the speech-language therapist.

building communication confidence through social play & nature-based exploration.

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