Speech-language therapy, in nature, just works better for your child.

A kid in nature, with peers, learns faster, has more fun, and develops their best communication skills without even realizing it.

During the time in our nature-based groups, your child will …

  • Communicate their needs, wants, ideas, opinions, stories and observations. Being able to express themselves with language reduces the need to communicate with behaviour (tantrums and hitting, I’m lookin’ at you). 

  • Better understand you, their siblings, their peers, their teachers and other communication partners. Understanding others’ language leads to less confusion and a sense of mental and emotional safety

  • Want to come to group nature-based speech therapy – not fight you. They will build communication skills while growing friendships, creating memories, and igniting environmental interest.  

  • Your child will be safer. They will have the communication tools to understand safety information and report unsafe situations to trusted adults. This includes unsafe physical and emotional situations.

  • Practice skills in a real-life setting with peers. Your child will participate in small groups of other children with support from Rebecca Wong Kai Pun, regulated SLP. They will practice their communication skills in a setting that mirrors “real-life” communication rather than a sterile clinical setting.

Spring 2023 Weekly Program

8 week small groups 

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Fall 2023 Group Program and 1:1 Sessions

Details coming August 2023

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